Magical Aegean Destination

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Lovely pebble beaches and lots of hot, sunny weather...but so much more...

In the northwestern corner of Samos island lies the historic town of Karlovasi, a monument of commercial activity of years gone by.  The lovely neo-classical structures and remains of the renowned tanneries mark Karlovasi's distinct identity.

Perched at the peak of Old Karlovasi is the Holy Trinity chapel. Enjoy the Potami beach, trail to the waterfalls, hikes to the cave of Ayios Andonios and perhaps venture out to the secluded Seitani beaches, located in a conservation area known to be a breeding ground for the monachus monachus seal. 

Karlovasi lies between two mountain ranges, Kerkis and Karvounis covered by lush forest. The shipyards at the harbor are still active and worth visiting.  

Home of  therapeutic herbs, abundant olive groves and the aromatic muscat grape so characteristic to our eclectic wine selections, the island of Pythagoras is a mystical paradise. 

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